Good Credit - What It Is, How To Get It,
and How to KEEP It!

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Helping Teens Make Good Credit Decisions

Credit-Lit, an inspiring and informative book, engages teens and encourages them to make GREAT financial decisions.

Credit-Lit Earns Moms Choice Award for Excellence

Mom's Choice GOLD Award Winner

Credit scores impact every financial decision a person makes. It’s important for teens to understand the positive and negative impacts regarding credit scores and the credit process.

Credit-Lit provides teens with credit information in an easily digestible, creative format that will help inspire them to make solid financial decisions when applying and repaying creditors now and into their adult years and avoid some pitfalls that many adults experience.

This book and site will help you unlock the key to understanding Good Credit.

Start your Credit-Lit journey today!

Building and Maintaining Great Credit

Welcome! I’m Dionne Perry, a Credit-Litologist, speaker, and published author. I’m on a mission to empower and educate adults and teens on the importance of maintaining a good credit score.

Growing up, I never learned how the credit process worked and the importance of maintaining a good credit score. Once I became an adult, I studied everything I could about the credit process. It was when I was denied an automobile loan that I understood that credit impacts every financial decision in life.

My life changed when I began to develop an understanding about how the credit process works. That is when I realized I need to share what I learned with others. Maintaining a good credit score is attainable to everyone regardless of income. It’s time for people of all ages to learn how the credit process works. Your credit score impacts your decisions, future goals and even your family legacy. Wherever you may be on your financial journey take the next steps to become Credit-Lit.

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"Credit-Lit is an insightful book that simplified and explains the negative and positive impacts regarding credit scores. All teens should read this book! It will help them make smart financial decisions when pursuing their financial goals."
Lorenza A. Black, Jr.
Owner and CEO FTP Financial Services
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