Dionne Perry

Author & Speaker

Credit–Litologist, Dionne Perry, a board-certified Credit Consultant, delivers the goods on credit, giving young people exactly what they need to make it in this economy.

Perry consults, writes, and speaks on the subject of credit in all its forms. She can be heard on podcasts and at virtual and in-person events at schools, libraries, organizations, and businesses.

With a bachelor’s degree in Education, Training, and Development, a master’s degree in Human Resources, experience as a licensed mortgage broker, and now a national award-winning author, Perry is uniquely qualified to educate young people and adults on the importance of maintaining a good credit score. Over the past twenty-five years, she has dedicated time and effort to helping adults and teens understand the importance of maintaining a good credit score.

Perry has also developed Credit-Lit Ambassador programs for empowering teens and for educators, counselors, community activists, financial advisors, and other adults interacting with teens to help educate them on how credit score process works.

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