Two 40-minute sessions
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Course Materials:

  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Handouts for additional explanation and clarification
  • Group Activity – directions and worksheets
  • Worksheets for extended use
  • Certificate of Completion

Teaching Our Youth Why & How Good Credit Is Important

Credit-Lit is a financial literacy workshop for high school youth. Dionne Perry has seen so often that youth are not exposed to credit scores and issues and then move into adulthood without the skills needed to gain and maintain good credit.

Through this program, students will understand the issues and the full impact of credit to prepare them for a healthy financial future in adulthood.

Following the principles in Dionne Perry’s work set out in Credit-Lit – Credit 101 for Teens, she shares practices for building up good credit and how to maintain credit score in a simplified, digestible format for youth. Through engaging power point presentations, handouts, worksheets and class activities, students will walk away from this two-session course empowered to make smart financial decisions that will set them on the right track for years to come.


This curriculum was developed to be used by educators, mentors, financial advisors and parents in a classroom or home setting for high school youth. It’s a road map and resource to help teens understand the credit scoring process and its importance for them.


  • Explain what credit is and why it used as a payment method.
  • Differentiate between good credit and bad credit.
  • Describe the impact of your credit score, how it is determined, and how to check it.
  • Discuss strategies for improving and maintaining your credit score.
  • Distinguish situations and processes that apply for credit cards, loans and a mortgage.
  • Apply strategies to protect your personal identity and financial information.

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Change Lives. Help Teens Understand the
Importance of Good Credit.

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