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Meet Dionne Perry: Mrs. Ashbury’s World “Everyone’s Favorite Teacher”

What does Mrs. Ashbury have to say about Credit Lit by Dionne Perry? She says that . . . . Read the story.

Author Dionne Perry’s Credit-Lit Series: Your Path to Financial Empowerment

This article published on, Inspiring Stories from Around the World, discusses how in a world where financial challenges are commonplace, Perry’s teachings offer a ray of hope and a path to financial stability and success. . . . Read the story.

Meet Dionne Perry – Credit-Litologist – ShoutOut Atlanta
“We had the good fortune of connecting with Dionne Perry and we’ve shared our conversation below.”

Hi Dionne, what do you want people to remember about you?
I want my legacy to be that I cared about others especially our youth. I want others to remember that I gave it my all. . . . Read the story.

What’s Your Story?: Dionne Perry – Black Children’s Books and Authors
“What’s Your Story?” is a guest post feature on BCBA’s blog. Indie/Self-Published authors are invited to write about their books, writing journey, creative process, inspiration, rewards and challenges of publishing, etc. They can go in whatever direction they choose. We are excited and grateful for their willingness to share, and we hope you enjoy Dionne Perry’s story.” Read the story.

Credit–Litologist, Dionne Perry, a board-certified Credit Consultant, delivers the goods on credit, giving young people exactly what they need to make it in this economy. Perry recently wrote and published Credit-Lit – Credit 101 for Teens Credit scores impact every financial decision a person makes. It’s important for teens to understand the positive and negative impacts regarding credit scores and the credit process. Read the full interview at here!

Author Releases New Book to Help Black Teens Understand Credit and Prevent Financial Illiteracy
“We need to teach our teens about good credit – how they get it and keep it – so as they move into adulthood, they don’t fall into the patterns of their parent and other adults,” states Dionne Perry, Credit-Litologist and Board-Certified Credit Consultant. She takes this challenge head-on as she writes, speaks, and engages teachers, parents, and teens about the critical elements of good credit and its myths that capture our society today. Read the story.

Life & Work with Dionne Perry
An interview with Dionne Perry in VoyageATL, Atlanta’s online magazine covering the hottest, best, and the brightest.  Read the story. 

Dionne Perry discusses the mission of and  message in her new book Credit-Lit, and most important number in a person’s future as they reach adulthood.  Read the story. 

Florence native writes book on importance of a good credit score.  “Dionne Perry discovered the hard way the importance of a good credit score.” Read the story. 

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