Reviews for Credit-Lit

"Credit-Lit is a breath of fresh air and should be required reading for all teens before becoming adults and applying for loans (i.e. mortgage, automobile).
Vondella Jenkins-McKithen
High School Professional Guidance Couselor
"Credit-Lit is an insightful book that simplifies and explains the negative and positive impacts regarding credit scores. All teens should read this book! It will help them make smart financial decisions when pursuing their financial goals."
Lorenza A. Black, Jr.
Owner and CEO FTP Financial Services

Reviews for the Credit-Lit Monthly Planner

“I love the layout and design of the Credit-Lit planner. The planner is exactly what I need to help me stay on track with monitoring my credit score.”
Sherisa White
Business Owner/Del’La Couture Boutique
"“The Credit-Lit planner will be instrumental in helping my clients maintain and increase their credit score. I love the goals and strategy section. The debt tracker, savings tracker and expense tracker are amazing. It helps clients to account for every penny spent."
Lorenza A. Black, Jr.
Owner and CEO FTP Financial Services Credit/Financial Professional
The Credit-Lit Planner is well made and eye catching. The personal goals sections are great to focus on what you’re working to achieve. The monthly review is personally the part I like the best and I can be honest with myself on how I did that month and improve on it the next month. There is plenty of expense tracking space. This is a great planner for anyone wishing to increase or maintain their credit score.”
Erika Scott
Business/Accounting Professional
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